When do people listen?

You have lot of content online available. Leanback Reading materials like on websites, blogs and videos, then there are lot of interactive content, which expects you to actively engage with the content.

Now comes Audio listening materials. When do people really listen than watch or read or interact ? Do they at all ? The reality is people do. Let us look into when we listen:

  1. When you cant consume other kinds of content - Commuting, Jogging, Cooking (or household chores), or just waiting for something else, say at a doctor or hair-stylist . One great driving factor here is that the content should be accessible to you on a device, preferably on a mobile phone and better be offline (available when not connected).

  2. When this audio is unique - You dont get this specific content anywhere else. If you compare with video, this is a common case, because producing audio is lot easier than video. You dont need to present yourself, lot easier setup (just a good microphone and a reasonably silent environment). These factors encourage lot of people to produce good audio podcasts and stay away from videos. Lot of Lectures being available as audio is also for the same reason. Lecture video recording is hard (tough equipment), but anyone with a mobile phone can record the audio (and there are softwares which can remove the noise after the recording and make it better to listen)

Yes, people do listen to lot of stuff !

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