How to find what I like?

How do I find what I like ?

How many times have you stopped watching a movie after the first 15/30 minutes ? How many hours have you tried searching for those songs which you like ?

We have lot of feeds these days - facebook, twitter, google plus, many news feeds etc. In all these feeds how much ever they attempt, we still keep getting noise than what we like. There is tremendous improvement in this area off late, but still long way to go.

Flipboard has a great flipping experince - wasnt it better if we had to flip less and consume more... this is inspite of Flipboard doing a great job in reducing the noise.

This is an aspiration from a consumer, but if there is a computer scientist in you, you know how hard this problem is.

On AiringPods, we know and appreciate this problem (with the guilty acceptance that we havent dont enough to solve this).

I have 15K+ podcast channels to listen to, 50+ topics to choose from. Which of those do I like? We are just touching this problem. So far, we have only been able to organize the content, and make the navigation easy for you than sugesting you what you would like.

How is this content organized ?

This is where we have reached so far.

Aspiration is that we reach a position to suggest you what you would like. Very long way!

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