Audio Podcasts on entrepreneur interviews

Listening to startup founders is a great way for budding entrepreneurs to learn.

Continuing from our discussion on When do people listen?, interview recording podcast is an ideal content for listening, since most of the interviews have very less visual material. Even when we listen to interviews on Youtube, have you often noticed yourself not looking much into your display, but just listening ?

Thought of collecting some of the good entrepreneur interview series:

  • Podcast LogoThis Week In Startups: Brought to you by Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, interviews many startup founders. Jason himself being a serial entrepreneur and angel investor adds to the quality of the podcast. Each week he has a new guest and the show has now done more than 500 episodes and is a great resource !

  • Podcast LogoMixergy: Learn from Proven Entrepreneurs is the tagline from the host Andrew Warner. This show too has done around 1000 episodes. In each show, Andrew interviews an Entrepreneur. One difference here from Jason's above show is that there are small business owners too in this. If you are an independent app developer who made success just enough to build a sustainable business for your family, you can be on this show !

  • Podcast Logo500 Startups: This podcast is from 500 startups accelerators. In each episode they have a talk with the companies in thier portfolio, Chats with 500 Startups founders, investors, and mentors

  • Podcast LogoEntrepreneur On Fire Podcast: Each episode brings you an Entrepreneur who shares their journey. John Lee Dumas interviews Small Business Owner and startup founders, and takes us through the success or failure journey and the AH-HA moments as he puts it.

  • Podcast LogoFoundation: This is the audio podcast of the startup interviews by Kevin Rose. Robert Kevin Rose is an American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk, as Wikipedia puts it.

Business News section has more of such channels.

Careers section too has similar content.

Another way to find some more of such shows is by this search on startups

Listening to interviews in the form of Audio podcast is ideal for a daily commuter. If you happen to be interested in Entrepreneur series, you are lucky, we have a lot of such content.

I will be adding more of such channels in this blog. Encourage readers to suggest in the comments.

How to find what I like?

How do I find what I like ?

How many times have you stopped watching a movie after the first 15/30 minutes ? How many hours have you tried searching for those songs which you like ?

We have lot of feeds these days - facebook, twitter, google plus, many news feeds etc. In all these feeds how much ever they attempt, we still keep getting noise than what we like. There is tremendous improvement in this area off late, but still long way to go.

Flipboard has a great flipping experince - wasnt it better if we had to flip less and consume more... this is inspite of Flipboard doing a great job in reducing the noise.

This is an aspiration from a consumer, but if there is a computer scientist in you, you know how hard this problem is.

On AiringPods, we know and appreciate this problem (with the guilty acceptance that we havent dont enough to solve this).

I have 15K+ podcast channels to listen to, 50+ topics to choose from. Which of those do I like? We are just touching this problem. So far, we have only been able to organize the content, and make the navigation easy for you than sugesting you what you would like.

How is this content organized ?

  • Popular chart of Channels - There is a high co-relation among people's interests. Popular charts tend to leverage this, and bubble up the good (read popular) ones. This is the listing which you see on the home page.

  • Topics - All the channels are organized into topics. Each channel producer has a stong feeling that his channel belong to say technology, music or any other topic. This is a stong intent. We have category based listing in these lines. Checkout Food, Language etc

  • Similar - If you tend to like a channel, would you not like to see the similar ones ? This is available in each channel page. You get to go to the list of similar channels. See the related section of TED

  • Discover from Episodes - You might get a taste of a channel from one of the episode. This is why we have a recent episodes section (merged from many channels combined, ordered by time of production). Browsing through this list gives us an easy way to sample the channel. Jump to Episodes

This is where we have reached so far.

Aspiration is that we reach a position to suggest you what you would like. Very long way!

When do people listen?

You have lot of content online available. Leanback Reading materials like on websites, blogs and videos, then there are lot of interactive content, which expects you to actively engage with the content.

Now comes Audio listening materials. When do people really listen than watch or read or interact ? Do they at all ? The reality is people do. Let us look into when we listen:

  1. When you cant consume other kinds of content - Commuting, Jogging, Cooking (or household chores), or just waiting for something else, say at a doctor or hair-stylist . One great driving factor here is that the content should be accessible to you on a device, preferably on a mobile phone and better be offline (available when not connected).

  2. When this audio is unique - You dont get this specific content anywhere else. If you compare with video, this is a common case, because producing audio is lot easier than video. You dont need to present yourself, lot easier setup (just a good microphone and a reasonably silent environment). These factors encourage lot of people to produce good audio podcasts and stay away from videos. Lot of Lectures being available as audio is also for the same reason. Lecture video recording is hard (tough equipment), but anyone with a mobile phone can record the audio (and there are softwares which can remove the noise after the recording and make it better to listen)

Yes, people do listen to lot of stuff !